Read the title? Good.
A new website project has been started a day ago [1 May 2016]. The project title is Test Website #1. Not as cool, but I bet when you see the city night theme, it will be better than cool. Minimalist.

I have decided to make the first web theme for a theme collection because as I was browsing and surfing my favorite websites, they look so clean. So minimalist. So cool. And I thought to myself. Why can't all websites be like this? Why can't all websites be so good-looking? And the themes idea started to sprout in my head.

Yesterday's work produced such little progress, as the project started somewhere at night time. It just started with a city's view background, a static non-functioning navigation bar and a button. Just a button. But a lot of work has been put into that button, until the point where it became a great milestone in the project. Well, I am not that much of an experienced programmer, but it worked out for me. Credit to mom for some code guidance.

Today, with the help of mom and unlimited Internet, I made good progress on the navigation bar. It is working perfectly and it is now good-looking. It may look like small work, but the coding is so intense. I had tabs and tabs and tabs of reference websites for the sake of learning jQuery and CSS. I had just learned jQuery and I have to apply it to the thing (navigation bar) that, in fact, uses most jQuery. I had brain crashes, but it turned out well. A big relief seeing it work like a charm!

Cool isn't it? Well, more to do soon, so check my posts regularly! Search for the ones with "Test Website #1" for updates on the theme soon. Also look for the label "Theme Collection" for more of my themes.

That's all for this post. Auf Wiedersehen!


P/s : A preview of the current progress :

The current progress of the City's Night Theme, Test Website #1

Assalamualaikum/Hiya guys!

I love developing websites and apps. They're really fun to make and increases my IQ too! Only problem is that.... Should I be making web sites or web apps? As said in an article that can be found here. I also got the image from there, credit.... You can read more about what I'm talking about in the link given.

Making web sites are fun and very interesting because you know that many people will see it and use it. Me, as a programmer, feel very happy and satisfied when your hard work paid off, when you code almost everything and people use that platform.... Makes me very happy! I usually use languages like HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, and a tiny bit of Bootstrap. Sometimes even SQL, which I haven't really learnt yet, but I can at least understand some stuff from it...

Apps are really cool to make. They're... sort of like a alternative for web sites, because you use it with a mobile device, specifically for smartphones and iPhones. It's really easy to navigate through the pages when you use an app, and that's what apps are supposed to be anyway. Apps should look very neat and cozy, if you're talking about corporate, foody and blog-ish ones. Apps usually uses Java, a language I haven't really learnt yet, but apps can also be constructed in other languages, but... eh. Too lazy to know about that.

All these has cool amazing pros... and disappointing cons. Web sites which aren't responsive will look very weird and needs a lot of zooming and scrolling. Apps are, well, not like web sites of course. What's truly disappointing about apps is that 1) There's no plugin installing, so you can't really play some types of games (they use flash player). 2) Doesn't have softwares. Very disappointing.

I'll make a poll. What do you guys think?

Poll : Should I make web sites or apps?

A. Yes
B. No
C. I don't know...

Post your poll answers in the comments, and I'll see which answer has the most votes.

Catch ya guys later!

~ Pip/Potato/Putri
 Assalamualaikum/Hallo! I did it alright! The next day, another game. Scratch is way more easier and fun than Flash, the thing my brothers use. Scratch is drag-and-drop style coding. Programming language is the same as Flash but simplified. I tried to influence my brothers but they quit and went back to Flash...

If you want to play this game, you must have webcam for the video to sense objects like your hands for example. To play this game, click the green flag and to stop, click the red sign. Enjoy!

Instructions : Use anything (e.g : your hands) to make actions that touches Pico so that he is saved from falling into the river.

I got so many feedback from my family towards this game! Thanks guys!
See my profile on Scratch!
Join us too!

That's all for now. New game going to be posted soon so be sure to always check this blog of ours. Bye!
 Assalamualaikum/Hey! It has been nearly a year (I guess) that I have not been posting anything! A few days ago, I joined this community of 'Scratchers' that makes games! I am one of them already, but technically titled 'New Scratcher'. Sad.

I have made lots of games already. This one is my favorite. To play, press the green flag. To stop, press the red sign. Hope you enjoy the game!

Instructions : Arrow keys to move. Point the mouse at target and click to shoot.
Shoot :
Missiles for points
Baddie ships for more points
Health ships to increase your HP.

Missiles and baddie ships will subtract your HP and points if you hit them. Health ships don't harm you. Attack it. Click the speaker icon to mute and unmute Chiptune (music). SFX included!

Go to my profile on Scratch to find more games :
If you want, Join us too! :

That's all for now. I'll post more games probably the next day after this post! See ya!

~ Amani
Being Polite Is
Always Right!

Every night and every day,
We always have something to say.
Even in each and every way,
Say it politely if you may.
We always have to do things right,
So start it off by being polite.

Whether with your parents or your friend,
Just talk to them nicely 'till the very end.
Don't talk loudly 'cause that's disrespect,
Talk softly 'cause that's what they expect.
Talk rude and end up in a fight,
Prevent it by being polite.

~Putri Natasya
It is me again. I saw my brother Don made a project called Mad Guy.
I tried making my own called Rainbowi. I hope you like it.

Get Adobe Flash player
I have a project called Mad Guy.He is a mad grumpy blue slime.
 You can click anywhere in the game.The name of the grumpy blue slime is Jack Slime.
It is not that exciting.But to make the game is exciting.Please enjoy.

The Don is back!
 I am going to tell you about flash.
 It is awesome.Have you seen the other blog post?
 Well if you had I am going to tell you that I used flash for all of them.
If you want to now what the flash symbol look like, look beneath.