Creamy Carbonara ... Mama's Style

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First of all ... I'M NO FOOD BLOGGER ...

But being a fan of the Food Network Channel, a food-lover myself & a Mom of four (will be five) who cooks everyday ... I can't resist sharing a recipe or two ... My way of preparing this pasta dish is really the shortcut way (not from scratch). If you're looking for from-scratch cool recipes, you might want to check out ... oh but this recipe's ... MINE (with some credits to PREGO :P).



250g of small shells pasta (about 1/2 a small packet ... also 1/2 a packet if fettucini)
1 can of PREGO Cheese & Herbs spaghetti sauce - here's the shortcut :)
Meat (chicken/beef/seafood)
1/4 litre of fresh milk
3-4 large cloves of garlic (or 1/4 of a bulb)
a tbsp of oyster sauce
Carrot strips (used a peeler)
Chilli flakes (it's really to cater to our local taste, avoiding 'muak' when consuming too-creamy-too-cheesy food)
Chopped fresh parsley
Grated Parmesan cheese
Fresh grounded pepper
Salt to taste
Olive oil


Prepare yer pasta ...
1. Boil pasta in a large pot of water with some salt & olive oil
2. Drain the water & set yer pasta aside

Prepare the cheese sauce ... (can be done simultaneously with the pasta prep)
1. Ground yer black pepper, then add garlic to it & start crushing them together
2. Heat olive oil in the pan, then saute the garlic & pepper
3. Add meat to the pan (you might want to add some chicken cube if you like)
4. Add milk and PREGO cheese & herbs, then stir well
5. Add carrot strips, oyster sauce, chilli flakes & chopped fresh parsley

* Combine the two ...
1. Add yer cooked pasta to the sauce in the pan
2. Add water to the consistency you like (I prefer just a little bit ... let it be not too thick as it will thicken by the time the dish cools down for ppl to eat :) )
3. Serve with grated Parmesan & parsley

* Pastas dont sag like kuey tieow or yer local noodles ... so it's okay to leave it in the sauce.

Voila ... you're done!

Wish I had taken a picture of the one I made but it looks pretty much the same with the pix above ... imagine some chilli flakes & carrot strips in there (my family finished it before the thought came in u see) ...

So give it a try ya!



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