My Eldest is in Primary School – Yikes!

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Sometimes, I feel as though things are happening too fast for me. At 29 (well, almost), I am already pregnant of my 5th child … together with my hubby, struggling to expand our 2+ year-old company, Carwin Solutions and grow our ‘baby’, … and the big slap on my face this New Year … my eldest daughter is finally going to Standard 1! Whow … whow … slow down …………………..

With her going to primary school, my life’s pretty much stuck to a routine as almost everyone else. I lost some of the privilege of working for myself – those days I could go to wherever, whenever I wanted to. Eventhough some of my kids then already went to pre-school … but you know pre-school … no big deal missing a day or two :P

With my eldest in primary school, I can no longer stretch my nights for work as it would result in waking up beyond 6 a.m., all exhausted and dizzy … and unable to get my Standard 1 daughter ready for her school by 7 a.m. – waking children up is not that easy … getting them to have a shower, dress up, Solat (still in her training stage), have breakfast … and you just have to have a contingency period for occasional unasked-for surprises e.g. accidental spill of MILO, tummy achy, ‘just-arrived’ homework, etc. And then there are other children of mine to look after … so work … gets a decrease of some considerable % of attention. Maid is still not an option for me – don’t ask why.

The family can no longer have the pleasure of having weekday rates for holidays, or shopping together during office hours, strolling around the actually-spacious mall, or go anywhere and come back beyond 8 p.m. … sigh ……….

But hey … it’s a phase almost all Mommies have to go through & it is a milestone to have your child going to a real school … having life beyond YOU, THE FAMILY, THE HOME … start making friends … start being more independent ...

OK … feeling old already …


Doing preparations for my child’s entry into primary school brings back a lot of memories (I'm sure my sister would agree - her eldest son is also going to primary school for the first time, the same school, in fact! Lucky me, I have someone to share all these with :) ) - those days when my sis & I used to go to school and how Mom used to get things ready for us – right from ironing the school badge onto my child's school uniform, preparing food for recess, giving pocket money, to checking her school bag & homework. My goodness … how time has passed … and how much I owe my Mom for doing all these things for me in the past. Thank you Mama!

I am sure even my Mom is recalling her past and smiling in pride as she sees her grandchildren go to primary school. Life’s like that huh … you’re born, you start to crawl, walk, speak … fall & get up again … run about & play … start going to pre-school, then primary school, then secondary … maybe some go to Colleges & Universities, graduate … then get married (it’s a different order for me) … have children, then they go through the very cycle you went through … and you’re a grandma/pa … and one day … it’s time to leave …

And if we’re able to see this in a bigger picture … we would appreciate every moment we have alive!



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