All Smiles This Hari Raya

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The holy Ramadhan will soon depart, making way for Syawal in just a few more days. We'll be missing Ramadhan but I'm surprised that I'm kind of excited with the upcoming of Hari Raya than I thought I'd be. I'm not sure if it's for the common reasons, but I am looking forward to Hari Raya ... and beyond, actually. This Ramadhan, my family and business struggled a little in this slow economy and with unexpected events occurring, but I feel as though we've all gotten a lot richer - richer by experience and lessons learnt. This year, although we'll be celebrating Hari Raya humbly, it feels like my family and I will be dressed in diamond-bedazzled Raya clothes, as our spirit soar up high, so high ... I'll be all smiles this Raya like a little girl!

In grief of losing a family member, of plans that fail, of expectations that end up disappointing, I feel that the best thing left to do is to move forward a lot bolder. It's a responsibility to make our lives better for our loved ones and our society, for those who were/are unable to think or do what we can do. It's nothing wrong thinking of ourselves as heroes, needed to defend & protect the needies. We don't need fancy (ridiculous, actually) costumes, weapons and gadgets, but our inner strength to make a difference and be a hero to especially the people around us. We should seek riches and gain wealth not for ourselves but for others, to be able to make things happen, instead of wishing alone. Oh I so want to be super wealthy - I'm not ashamed to say it! For I want to make things happen ... I want to be able to fix things when others can only complain ... I want to provide jobs when others are struggling in their job hunt ... I want to provide services & goods when others can only wish that someday someone would do it ...

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There's so much to learn in everything we do. While I often learn new things in my skill-area, php programming, I must say that learning about business from my sifu/hubby gets me more excited. I recently came up with a promotion plan for my business, something that normally would come from my husband ... and I must say that I'm pretty proud of myself! :) I mean, to creatively propose a business plan ... is not my niche. It's rewarding just to see how the plan gets implemented and emerge successful enough. Now I'm becoming more confident with my own business ideas & getting all sorts of crazy ones too time to time. It's like a massive highway in my head & sometimes, it's even difficult to sleep!

I'm just so glad that I know what I want to do in my life and that I'm heading towards the right direction. I'm glad that I can always share these things with my hubby/boss (he's got a worse superhighway traffic in his head than I do!) It's discussions day & night for us ... moments that are so exciting, it'd make us jump sometimes. But it's good I think ... to be all anxious, looking forward to the future ... to making miracles come true. It is a terrible waste though to be thinking that one hasn't got much to offer to the world and spend hours and days doing nothing fruitful. So much time lost ... . I'd love to share the following lyrics of a song, a nasyid (it's in Malay) & may it serve as a good reminder to all heroes out there.

Merancang Kerja
Album : Masih Ada Waktu
Munsyid : Anugerah

Tenaga dan kemampuan diperhitungkan
berjuanglah dalam satu barisan
Umpama batu tersusun menjulang ke awan
Itulah asas dalam merancang

Rancang dengan apa yang ada di tangan
Bukan yang kita angan-angankan
Membina cita dan harapan
Bukan mimpi dan igauan

Perancangan perlu diperhati
Agar tertib rapi dan teliti
Matlamat dan caranya selari
Masa pun harus diambil kira

Gunung mana yang mahu didaki
Lurah mana yang mahu disusuri
Semuanya telahpun terbukti
Pasti rancangan akan berjaya

Lagu: Mujahid Abd Wahab
Lirik: Pahrol Mohd Juoi
Hakcipta: OVA Productions 1995.

Still looking for the original version ... :) Anyway, to all family & friends ...

Selamat Hari Raya! Happy Eid ul-Fitr!
May the Mercy & Blessing's of the Almighty God be with you.



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  1. The CEO3:10 PM

    Eager to start to work AFTER hari raya... After this, things will be different... :) Insyaallah... Moga dilimpahkan rezeki dariMu... untuk mereka yang memerlukan... AMIN...

  2. selamat beraya.

    kalau main mercun jangan tembak hala BHP petrol station tu...

  3. ok Bro, noted! Ucapan Selamat Hari Raya kpd Bro Tajudin & Kak Lin sekeluarga.

    CEO ... betul, can't wait for bukannya Hari Raya sgt, but after Hari Raya ;) Kita kasi gegarrr!!!

  4. I love d nasyid song hehe...

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