My 30th Birthday was a Blast!

by Saturday, April 03, 2010 2 comments
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My birthday came a few days ago. I have officially left my 20s. A few days before my birthday, I felt as if turning 30 was ‘becoming old’, but when the day came … I felt ‘revived’!

On my 30th birthday, I took the early morning to reminisce the past, particularly my 20s. It has been quite a journey, I must say. I am amazed at how so many events & changes occurred just in my 20s. I really grew. The 20s began with my marriage, which was the biggest milestone ever in my life! A slight twist here & it would have taken me to a whole new route. This marked the beginning of the Carwin family – 5 lovely children & one high-spirited company grew together in the path of rainbows which colored my journey to its 30s.

I quit my job as a Project Executive (QS in probation) at the age of 23. I didn’t bother to look for any other job opportunities as I really wanted to DO WHAT I WANT TO DO. It was insane bowing to the demands of my career, working all the way to the weekends … then trying so hard to find time for my hubby & baby girl, and not forgetting my hobby then, building websites. I knew the moment I made the decision to quit, my family income would be affected, but I just couldn’t allow myself to be a mom who gets 2nd hand news from the nursery most of the time on my baby girl’s achievement, get into intense moments in my relationship & NOT even get to do what I enjoy as a living. I told myself, I just can’t wake up in the morning everyday with a frown face … ‘This has got to stop!’ … and it did. What I did not expect then, was that my hubby would follow-suit – yeah, he quit his job too! It was then that our roller-coaster just got wilder by the day … up & down, and round & round we went!

We had this big dream of growing a family business even whilst still in our teens. It must have sounded so surreal to others if they had heard us then, but I think that with what that has materialized, I would say that those ideas back then were actually blueprints … like a picture of dots - slowly the lines form, showing the bigger picture, bit by bit. Allah is the best of all planners (!) and it is simply amazing how those dots get connected in surprising ways! So many more dots waiting to connect – how exciting!

I am looking forward to the future. I wish my 30s would be another colorful decade, with even more bright colors this time, insyaAllah. Having sowed the seeds the past decade (both family & business), my mission this decade is to ‘grow’; Family: Time to have more focus in nurturing my precious jewels; Company: Time for technology transfer to my apprentice. Aging is so not an issue for me, but ‘living’ is. We’ll never age this way … not even ‘die’ if we successfully sow the seeds for the future. May I succeed in this mission.

To family & friends, thank you for all the birthday wishes … I truly had a ‘Happy’ 30th Birthday!



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  1. i don't know that you are 30 already.. haha.. somehow forgot that i already 27 ;P huwa.. getting old..! but like you said sis.. we should look forward to the future.. i wish i'll have my dots ;)

  2. InsyaAllah u will ... Allah has different plans 4 different ppl ... nevertheless, we shudn't just wait 4 miracles to happen so we shud continue to dream, to plan & to execute, then leave the rest to Allah :)