A Hereiophobia and a Goofball Daredevil Not!

by Friday, January 07, 2011 6 comments
As a web developer for over 10 years now, it has been a psychedelic journey for me. When I was a newbie programmer, I was impatient and a short-cut lover. I have always been a person who'd jump to G and L, just to quickly reach the letter Z. If I were given a bag of bicycle parts + a manual, I'd toss the manual away & start to put things together right away. My impatience often get me into even more trouble and at times delay my supposed short journey. But you know what ... I never bothered to really change :) ... instead, I try to improve my method of jumping into things by going from A to D to G, something like that. I tried to be more patient, but never patient enough to follow standard procedure :P

In my school days, my friends would use multi-colored pens to draw tree-diagrams of what they've learnt in class, while I would do my pathetic only-in-pencil notes. May have looked boring to others, but hey, the notes were for myself! Isn't it a fact that we know ourselves far better than anyone else? I believe that everyone have their own way of doing things and it is okay to not do things the way others would, especially when you're just not comfortable with it. The more you try to imitate others in your discomfort, the further you'll get from being satisfied with yourself.


I was a Quantity Surveyor who hated Quantity Surveying. I quit the job whilst in probation and started getting serious into web programming after having played around with HTML for several years. I wanted to be a professional programmer and desperately needed a shortcut to that. I couldn't afford to waste more years for a Degree in this, so I decided to learn it all up by myself. So there I went again, trying to take the shortcut that in the end got me into a 'mess'. I could've easily learnt the steps from a reputable Guru and do things in order. Instead, I dived into the programming world without proper gears, re-surfaced, re-submerged ... occasionally chuckling. While the feeling was actually FANTASTIC(!), but I guess going by the book does mean that you'll be following a more secured path and save yourself unnecessary risks.

Back to stubborn-me ... I had myself to deal with the mess of not having followed standard procedure in not just becoming a programmer, but in most part of my life. I'm always itching to NOT 'follow the system' ... somehow :P I'd give excuses to being stubborn by asking myself, "Don't scars and bruises better remind us of our lessons learnt? Won't we be more successful when we choose NOT to stay in our safe zone and be accident-free?" And so I ended up with the bruises and scars 'I so dearly asked for' and learnt the greatest lesson about taking shortcuts - finding the balance.


I have learnt to respect those who have the patience to follow the system and appreciate those who create their own path ... the world needs both types of people for a balanced world. I have also learnt that as an individual, I too need a balance to be more successful in my life. We should not be afraid to try something beyond conventional, but at the same time, take some time to research and learn what may save us unnecessary trips and falls of others.

So what's Hereiophobia again?
Heresyphobia or Hereiophobia: Fear of challenges to official doctrine or of radical deviation.
Even more phobias here: http://meowycat313.webs.com/phobias.htm



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  1. Seronok sebenarnya breaking the rules nie.. tp telinga bingit lah nak dengar orang membebel...

  2. Haha :D Bukan saja2 nak break the rules kan ... sometimes a little adventure can mean we learn much more than merely following others' path :)

  3. saya pun sama, payah nak ikut instruction.kalau ada instruction contohnya kat barang yg kita baru beli tu, memang nak skip jelah. baca instruction number satu, pastu buat sendiri,pastu baca instruction number 4, pastu sambung buat sendiri, pastu sambung baca instruction number 7, pastu buat sendiri, pastu tak jadi..heheheh

  4. kih3 biasala tu ... tp letih kan nak betul2 baca manual ;)

  5. hehe..people somtime take this 'rules' not seriously..bile dorg rase dorg rajin then they follow..is not..mesti buat se-short abes! normal la..haha!

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