Don't Scare the Kids!

by Thursday, March 03, 2011 6 comments
I am staying up tonight, beyond midnight. My husband is not yet home from an Alumni late-night discussion while my kids are all asleep. I find myself enjoying this moment of self-indulgence, one I rarely get as a WAHM. I remember those days when I was little, being awake late at night would give me the chills - thanks to so many ghost stories fed to me by my uncles, cousins, friends. One of the classic stories would be from my uncle about The 'Cowboy Ghost' (Hantu Koboi) outside grandma's window. I can't believe I believed that story hehe ... but I did and it was just NOT as funny that time.

I don't know if telling ghost stories and scaring little children is fun to some people, but I do not tell them to my kids ... even discourage them from watching scary movies. I don't even frighten them with anything just to get them to listen to me. I feel that it is just not helpful in building their courage (even gets us parents into problems when it comes to nightmares and their fear of the dark). I don't know if other people believe otherwise. I think that creepy stories would only worry them, hold them back from walking around their own house freely, make them hate the dark and even hold their pee - you wouldn't want that! :S

"Shh ... jangan nangis, nanti momok datang!" ... 

I remember one of the movies that haunted me & gave me serial nightmares was 'The Exorcist' (1973). I'd cover my eyes with my hands but peek in between my fingers ... it's like ... I'd just be too curious to see what's going on and then regret watching :P. Even now that I am all grown up, I still avoid watching scary movies. On the contrary, I'm fine with series because you know the heroes will always survive to be seen in the next episodes :P. In fact I enjoy watching Supernatural - Dean and Sam Winchester would just die and live again no matter what - haha, good entertainment.

So if you have ghost stories or movies to share, count me out yea ;) And do your/others' kids & yourselves a favor - don't tell them scary stories even for fun sake. Save the kids unnecessary discomfort and help them build their confidence & courage instead. Just my two cents ;)



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  1. I love watching scary movies... hb aku tengok takut-takut...

  2. Hoho ... terbalik drp biasa :D Mesti u enjoy takut2kan hubby ...

  3. I love this moments when the kids sleep and I have a little bit of time for myself, nice blog, keep it up as it is always good to know that other WFHM goe through the same

  4. Thank you mariamama. Not many ppl understand us WFHMs, yea. I've experienced working for someone's company in some office, away from my then 1 child, experienced being a full-time housewife for a while, and been juggling between motherhood & work for years now. I'd say that working form home (in my situation) is the most challenging for me. Maybe a different story for others. Despite the challenges, I am most happy where I am now :) I'm sure u too & wish u the best in your life.

  5. hb aku suka takutkan budak. aku geram tul kalau dia takutkan anak. nak suruh jadi penakut macam dia.

  6. I so agree with you..the most yg I sanggup takutkan anak pon ckp ulat gonggok dtg nak nak gigit bontot kalau tak nak pakai baju lepas mandi..sebab mmg dia geli dgn ulat gonggok kat taman..hahaha..the only ghost movie yg i sanggup tgk if citer omputeh, if citer siam, mendayu2 hantu dia..lagi seram..citer hantu melayu tak yah la..buang masa je tgk..huhu..