The Saddest Day Ever!

by Thursday, March 10, 2011 0 comments
This is the saddest day ever!
We are going to move to a new office.
But the office that we are moving to is smaller.
Our old office was better than this one.
And we also had memories there.
Mom said the new office is better but I still don't think so.
beside our office there is Restoran Desa.
When we are hungry we always eat there.
But now maybe we are not going there anymore.
And our office had so many memories.
I remember the work shops that we had there.
I miss staying there sleeping there eating there and just even spending time there.
It is just so sad.
every one we have seen, every one we had met, it will all go away.
Maybe we are still going to see them.
Maybe not.
Well I can just say this is the saddest day yet.


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