Kung-Fu Panda2

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Have you all watch the movie named Kung-Fu Panda2?
If you did, was it great?
What ever... I like that movie and it's one of my favourites.
If you didn't this is how it's like.

Long ago in ancient China.
The peacocks ruled Goumen City.
They lived in joy and prosperity and they invented fireworks.
But their son Lord Shen saw darker power in fireworks.
They asked a sooth sayer to tell them the fortune.
She foretold "If Shen continues on his dark path he will be defeated by a warrior with black and white."
And the young Lord then set out to change his fate.
But what he did just sealed it.
He returned to his parents full of pride.
But what he saw on their faces was horror.
Shen has been vanished from the city.
He swore for revenge that someday he will return and all China will bow on his feet.

So Lord Shen ganged up with the wolves to rule all of China.
And he created a weapon that breaths fire and spits metal.
That weapon killed the master of Goumen City,Master Thundering Rhino.
The son of Legendary Flying Rhino.
And the slayer of the ten thousand serpents of Valley Whow.
And it is up to Po the panda to save China.
That's all so watch it if you want.
You can buy the CD so you can watch it.


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