Joy In The Rain (Piano)

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Well, so how are you guys today? I hope you're fine. I'm fine too.
Above there is a video my sister(Ku) recorded of me playing a song on the piano 'Joy In The Rain'.
Joy In The Rain is the first song I've ever composed. I finally found out the meaning of a button on my piano. The TRANSPOSE button. It makes a key go to a higher pic if you increase the number. So, I tried copying the keys from pressing the transpose button to the normal piano sound.
And here is the result. Hope you enjoy it! (my uncle is disturbing the music a little)
And by the way, I have exams coming next week. I'll have to work really hard for it. Wish me luck!

That's all for now, Bye!

Putri Natasya


Jr Programmer @ Carwin Solutions


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