'Scratch' ing more games! Game title : Save Pico!

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 Assalamualaikum/Hallo! I did it alright! The next day, another game. Scratch is way more easier and fun than Flash, the thing my brothers use. Scratch is drag-and-drop style coding. Programming language is the same as Flash but simplified. I tried to influence my brothers but they quit and went back to Flash...

If you want to play this game, you must have webcam for the video to sense objects like your hands for example. To play this game, click the green flag and to stop, click the red sign. Enjoy!

Instructions : Use anything (e.g : your hands) to make actions that touches Pico so that he is saved from falling into the river.

I got so many feedback from my family towards this game! Thanks guys!
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That's all for now. New game going to be posted soon so be sure to always check this blog of ours. Bye!

Putri Natasya


Jr Programmer @ Carwin Solutions


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