'Scratch'ing games! Game title : { Pixels : Milky Way Galactica }

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 Assalamualaikum/Hey! It has been nearly a year (I guess) that I have not been posting anything! A few days ago, I joined this community of 'Scratchers' that makes games! I am one of them already, but technically titled 'New Scratcher'. Sad.

I have made lots of games already. This one is my favorite. To play, press the green flag. To stop, press the red sign. Hope you enjoy the game!

Instructions : Arrow keys to move. Point the mouse at target and click to shoot.
Shoot :
Missiles for points
Baddie ships for more points
Health ships to increase your HP.

Missiles and baddie ships will subtract your HP and points if you hit them. Health ships don't harm you. Attack it. Click the speaker icon to mute and unmute Chiptune (music). SFX included!

Go to my profile on Scratch to find more games : https://www.scratch.mit.edu/users/PeaInAPod/
If you want, Join us too! : https://www.scratch.mit.edu/

That's all for now. I'll post more games probably the next day after this post! See ya!

~ Amani

Putri Natasya


Jr Programmer @ Carwin Solutions


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