App and Web - Which Should I Do?

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Assalamualaikum/Hiya guys!

I love developing websites and apps. They're really fun to make and increases my IQ too! Only problem is that.... Should I be making web sites or web apps? As said in an article that can be found here. I also got the image from there, credit.... You can read more about what I'm talking about in the link given.

Making web sites are fun and very interesting because you know that many people will see it and use it. Me, as a programmer, feel very happy and satisfied when your hard work paid off, when you code almost everything and people use that platform.... Makes me very happy! I usually use languages like HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, and a tiny bit of Bootstrap. Sometimes even SQL, which I haven't really learnt yet, but I can at least understand some stuff from it...

Apps are really cool to make. They're... sort of like a alternative for web sites, because you use it with a mobile device, specifically for smartphones and iPhones. It's really easy to navigate through the pages when you use an app, and that's what apps are supposed to be anyway. Apps should look very neat and cozy, if you're talking about corporate, foody and blog-ish ones. Apps usually uses Java, a language I haven't really learnt yet, but apps can also be constructed in other languages, but... eh. Too lazy to know about that.

All these has cool amazing pros... and disappointing cons. Web sites which aren't responsive will look very weird and needs a lot of zooming and scrolling. Apps are, well, not like web sites of course. What's truly disappointing about apps is that 1) There's no plugin installing, so you can't really play some types of games (they use flash player). 2) Doesn't have softwares. Very disappointing.

I'll make a poll. What do you guys think?

Poll : Should I make web sites or apps?

A. Yes
B. No
C. I don't know...

Post your poll answers in the comments, and I'll see which answer has the most votes.

Catch ya guys later!

~ Pip/Potato/Putri

Putri Natasya


Jr Programmer @ Carwin Solutions


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