[Theme Collection] New Project : Test Website #1 - City's Night Theme

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Read the title? Good.
A new website project has been started a day ago [1 May 2016]. The project title is Test Website #1. Not as cool, but I bet when you see the city night theme, it will be better than cool. Minimalist.

I have decided to make the first web theme for a theme collection because as I was browsing and surfing my favorite websites, they look so clean. So minimalist. So cool. And I thought to myself. Why can't all websites be like this? Why can't all websites be so good-looking? And the themes idea started to sprout in my head.

Yesterday's work produced such little progress, as the project started somewhere at night time. It just started with a city's view background, a static non-functioning navigation bar and a button. Just a button. But a lot of work has been put into that button, until the point where it became a great milestone in the project. Well, I am not that much of an experienced programmer, but it worked out for me. Credit to mom for some code guidance.

Today, with the help of mom and unlimited Internet, I made good progress on the navigation bar. It is working perfectly and it is now good-looking. It may look like small work, but the coding is so intense. I had tabs and tabs and tabs of reference websites for the sake of learning jQuery and CSS. I had just learned jQuery and I have to apply it to the thing (navigation bar) that, in fact, uses most jQuery. I had brain crashes, but it turned out well. A big relief seeing it work like a charm!

Cool isn't it? Well, more to do soon, so check my posts regularly! Search for the ones with "Test Website #1" for updates on the theme soon. Also look for the label "Theme Collection" for more of my themes.

That's all for this post. Auf Wiedersehen!


P/s : A preview of the current progress :

The current progress of the City's Night Theme, Test Website #1

Putri Natasya


Jr Programmer @ Carwin Solutions


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